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How it is made: teflon capacitor FT-3

Many of our customers are always asking what Teflon capacitor and how it is made. For a visual example, we was sacrificed new capacitor FT-3 0.22uf 600V. Capacitors with other capacitances and voltage have a similar structure.

We have made ​​two cuts in both ends of the capacitor. This gave easy access to content.

teflon capacitor FT-3

Both covers have teflon rings are mounted on the body of the capacitor with eyelets. In the center of the teflon ring pressed external pins.

Teflon caps FT-3

Teflon capacitor FT-3 inside

Fixing to the body of the Teflon ring and internal part enclosed capacitor additional protective Teflon film.

This inner part of the caps FT-3 in the assembled condition (dielectric and conductor).

Insulator and conductor are protected from contact with the body additional teflon film.

Length of the protective Teflon film leaves 30-40 centimeters.

Begin unwound insulator and conductor.

Winding has a double layer of dielectric and conductor. The conductor is made of aluminum foil, a dielectric of Teflon tape.

Conclusions conductor look like.

In the heart of the capacitor FT-3 has two pins, they help make the winding layers in the factory.

We are glad to help and decided if some of your questions. 

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