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0.47uF 500V K42Y-2 PIO Capacitor

Manufacturers: KCZ, Kuzneck, Russia (caps)
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Type: K42Y-2 (K42Y2)
Capacity, uF: 0,47
Voltage, V: 500
Tolerance, %: 10
Dimensions: see in datasheet
Body color: green

This is are high quality Russian PIO capacitors K42Y-2 made for military. The conductor is made of aluminum foil and the dielectric is oil saturated paper, glass sealed in a metal body. These capacitors provide excellent sonic characteristics, high tolerance is kept within a wide temperature range.

Most of the K42Y-2 capacitors we sell were made with military specifications and have very good specs, are made very precise, and because of that sound best of all. Bandwidth is very high, and distortion very low. A special version of the paper in oil capacitor to the Sprague Vitamine Q, they are rated best in sound by many people. Paper in oil capacitors sound far better than any modern new production like. Great way to improve the tone of your guitar, or for use in other Hi-Fi and Hi-End audio applications.

Tone capacitors K42Y-2 are used in audio amplifiers many manufacturers for your Les Paul, SG, 335 or other humbucker or P-90 equipped guitar.

Note: we have many more values and voltages available than see here. Please ask.



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