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6J52P = D3A = E810F = 7788 tube. Gold grid

Manufacturers: NEVZ, Novosibirsk, Russia
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The wide-band, low-noise 6J52P (6Ж52П) pentode has been designed for use in input stages of amplifiers under economic operating conditions (at anode voltage 100V) and in input stages of black-and-white and colour television receivers (at anode voltage 150-200V).

The 6J52P pentodes are miniature devices enclosed in glass bulb and are provided with a nine-pin base, rigit leads and an indirectly heated oxide-coated cathode.

The 6J52P pentodes are resistant to ambient temperature from -45 to +70°C and relative humidity of 95 to 98% at +25°C, as well as to vibration with an acceleration of (from 1 to 60Hz) 2 g.

All tubes new, military equipment and have "OTK" mark. Near equivalent: D3a, E810F and 7788.
The tube is manufactured by the Nevz, Novosibirsk, Russia.

The grid is wound with wire made of an alloy of gold. The tube gives a very clean, warm and natural sound. Such a tube with a grid made of an alloy of gold are very very rare.

General characteristics:
Name: 6J52P
Type: Low-noise wide-band pentode
Application: Voltage amplification in wide-band amplifiers
Cathode type: oxide, indirect heating
Envelope: glass, miniature
Mass, g: 15
Filament voltage, V: 6,3
Filament current, A: 0,29-0,37
Anode voltage, V: 100
Anode current, A: 0,03-0,054
Anode power, W: 10
Grid2 voltage, V: 150
Steepness, mA/V: 43,0-68,0
Reverse grid current, uA: 0,2
Microphnic noise, mV: 500
Socket type: rsh8

All datasheets here.



Manufacturers: NEVZ, Novosibirsk, Russia
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