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Foton, Tashkent, Kazakhstan

"Foton" specialized in the design and manufacture of electronic equipment for use in electronic equipment for various purposes. The company is the largest manufacturer of electronic equipment in Uzbekistan and one of the largest in the USSR.

Plant "Foton" was created in 1941 on the basis evacuated plant electronic devices from Fryazino, Moscow region. Since 1942, the plant began production in Tashkent - electronic generator and amplifier tubes.

In 1964, the technology company has been totally redesigned . The company was to develop semiconductors (diodes, transistors), and subsequently integrated circuits. Virtually all developed semiconductor devices and integrated circuits have been mastered and mass produced (some of them serially produced and currently ) of inc." Foton" and by the "Integrator".

In several areas of scientific and production activity, the company was in the lead industry. The main thrust of development - semiconductors and integrated circuits for machinery.

The enterprise had its own production, intended for the production of pilot batches of developed products, as well as for the production of the most complex products.

After 1991, the need for development declined sharply. In these circumstances, the emphasis was placed on the production side of the business. Since 1994, maintaining the previous specialization transitioning production to electronic and electronic products with a complete production cycle. While commercial production of electronic cash registers, black-and-white and color televisions, energy saving lamps, transformers, diode cascade.

In December 1995, the company was transformed into a corporation.


Foton, Tashkent, Kazakhstan

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